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Events Organized By Jeevansangini

Melava Melava (Upawadhu-War Parichay Melava) organizing by jeevansangini.com since 2009 in all city for every community. This is a Mega event organize to fulfill a purpose to meet more candidate at a one place. Jeevansangini gives an Opportunity to Members to interact with number of Prospects from their communities at the same time and on the same day. The Main Objective of our Event is to facilitate the Process of finding a Life partner Various New Candidate Participate in our Melava other than available Database. Our Melava is totally different from other Melava because of the unique feature called Meeting session. Our main Purpose is to fix maximum meeting for the Candidate & Parent.

Get Together Get Together is like a MELAVA but it is small stage given to come together & interact with minimum Prospects. The main objective of our Event is to facilitate the Process of finding a Life partner. This program organizes because some people wanted to attend Mega Event (MELAVA) but not possible to attend, so they can attend Gettogether. In this event a specific period gives to candidate & parent to talk with each other after introduction session.

Mulakhaat Aapke Saath Jeevansangini always tried to do a new thing, from which people get a chance to meet each other. That’s why a new Event called ‘Mulakhaat Aapke Saath’ organized. In this event senior Relationship executive search Profiles who matched with each other in same community and called them to attend program. In this Program 10 grooms & 5 Brides candidate allowed (No Parents) to talk with each other in marriage related topics.

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"Marriage is a silken tie of Affection & Esteem, which binds two people unrelated by blood."          

JeevanSangini.com  is the world’s First Matrimonial Portal to introduce unique feature of  online Kundali matching of prospective life partner. JeevanSangini.com, as launched in August 2002, has established itself as a leading and trustworthy matrimonial portal in central India. More than half million of candidates are registered members of JeevanSangini.com and this was possible due to the prompt and reliable services provided by us. more

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